For more than 3 decades, we the Ramakdawala family at Pearlings have been at the fine service of jewelry lovers all around the world. Founded in the early 1970’s in Kuwait by the late Fakhruddin Ramakdawala, we have been providing reliable and flamboyant jewelry and accessories such as hand embroidered bags and clutches, along with a wide variety in lockets, chains, rings, necklaces and much more.

We have an enormous amount of experience relating to all your bridal needs and accessories. Our jewelry is all high quality long lasting copper metal base with premier gold and rhodium plating. Our high quality of Cubic Zirconia sets and pieces provide unique clean look, we are able to adapt to all your color needs as well. We also carry sterling silver jewelry, appliqués, laces, trims and embroidered clutches and bags ready for all kinds of occasions.

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