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About Us

The Ramakdawala family has been at the service of fine jewelry aficionados for over 25 years, starting 1994 in Kuwait. The late Fakhruddin Ramakdawala specialized in providing jewelry, ornaments, and accessories to an ever-growing clientele, including custom hand-embroidered items such as bags, clutches, and shoes.

The business grew, and the Ramakdawala family expanded to the United States, establishing the Pearlings Designer Collection in Houston in 2018. Thus began a new chapter for the Ramakdawala family: serving the jewelry tastes of a much more culturally-diverse community looking for beautiful, exotic clothing, accessories, wedding ethnic jutti, and bridal wear.

Over the years, as fashion trends have come and passed, the only constant has been the discerning tastes of our clients – to serve the diverse fashion needs of the modern customer, we are well-connected with vendors and designers all over the world. Pearlings imports jewelry and accessories from Dubai, India, Korea, and Pakistan, among many other countries, depending on the customers’ requirements.

The result is our wide-ranging collection that is sure to have something for everyone. Are you looking for Indian jewelry in Houston, such as pakistani jhumar, tikha, or payal? Explore our bespoke designer pieces, also available in custom-made bridal wear sets. Spice up your look with khussa shoes or mochris, crafted with traditional methods. Add flair and charm to your outfit with our selection of tassels, laces, and trims. We can get it for you no matter what you desire.

Our jewelry is designed to meet our exacting standards, which is why we emphasize the use of high quality, long-lasting base materials, such as copper, titanium, or sterling silver, and premium plating metals, such as gold, silver, or rhodium. We work closely with vendors to ensure you receive a product that is faithful to the design, satisfying to wear, and complementary to your outfit.

Pearlings stocks an enormous variety of popular designs that you can view in person at our jewelry store in Houston. However, we also design custom jewelry, accessories, and clothing on request.

But that’s not all. The expert jewelers at Pearlings can also customize your existing jewelry to your needs and repair and restore broken or worn ornaments. We can change colors, trims, beads, and even stones to match your outfit; and we repair earrings, rings, or bracelets – letting you preserve those sentimental pieces for a lifetime.

Pearlings Is Truly One-Of-A-kind

And we invite you to come and experience our breathtaking collection for yourself.