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Having been in the fashion jewelry business close to 4 decades, Abbas Ramakdawala and the entire Pearlings team is well equipped to satisfy all your jewelry and accessory needs. We are based in the middle east and are the number 1 importer of bridal jewelry in the United States. The benefits of becoming a wholesale reseller of Pearlings Designer collection is an extremely unique opportunity for you to expand your product base. You cannot find our exclusive range of products anywhere else in Houston, TX. We provide wholesale opportunities for resellers. We have top-notch jewelry and accessories imported from countries like Dubai & India. We assure all resellers that Pearlings will find you a competitive price, giving you an equal opportunity for growth. The advantage of being a Pearlings Designer Collection reseller is unlike any other. You will find products at Pearlings that you cannot find with any other vendor in the U.S.

With extensive experience in importing and selling jewelry, we know this business’s ins and outs. And trust us that handling the exporters, customs, and logistics takes work. But since we have given a lifetime to understanding and managing these things, we can handle them efficiently and easily. All you have to do is buy executive jewelry and luxury masterpieces from us in bulk and sell them on your own terms. In short, we have all the troubles under control and just need resellers for our amazing products. Become a wholesale reseller with us, and let’s start a new journey of success while providing our clients the beauty they’ll love wearing.

If you want to add something new to the collection that you find missing in our products, we can import them for you. All that is needed is a business meeting over lunch or a cup of tea, and we assure to agree on terms profitable for both.

Customer Comes First

Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority, and we try to do everything possible to achieve that. This is the reason we only work with wholesale resellers who have the same priorities. The condition in which we import the jewelry and accessories we want them to reach our customers in the same state. We are always searching for business partners with the same thinking and approach. If you’re one of them, we would love to hear from you and wish that we work together for years to come.

With unique and ethnic jewelry and accessories from Pearlings Designer Collection, we promise products that are unique and impossible to be found from any other vendor in the United States. This will offer an unparalleled opportunity to you as a reseller, and customers will know you for the custom and exquisiteness.

Contact us today; no matter where you are located, we will make a bargain.

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