Best Valentine’s Indian Gift

March 30, 2022

Even if most of us despise Valentine’s Day, we’ll agree that it may be enjoyable to celebrate. It’s a random day of the year to show your feelings for the significant individuals in your life, romantic or not. So this year, give a fun present with an Indian touch to your spouse, family, friends, or anybody else who means a lot to you.

This Valentine’s Day gift guide has it all on the list, whether you want to show your affection to your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, kid, or a whole group of BFFs. Let’s look at some unique Indian gifts that you can gift this Valentine’s day and find easily at any Indian jewelry or gift store in Houston, Texas.

1. Sarees and Kurtas

Sarees have gained global popularity and require no introduction. They have made their mark on the runways worldwide, and several top-tier designers have established their own line of sarees. However, purchasing a saree in India is a very different experience. Sarees, the staple attire of an Indian lady, come in a range of styles and textures, with more than 25 to choose from.

Kurta is a type of ethnic top worn by males. Kurtas are the hallmark Indian ethnic appearance for guys, being longer than a regular shirt and far comfier than a t-shirt.

2. Juttis

When you buy kurtas, you will naturally look for the right pair of footwear to go with them, and nothing goes better with a kurta than a pair of Khusas and Juttis. No Indian cultural ensemble, whether for men or ladies, is complete without it. Khusas and Juttis are essentially hand-crafted, expansive, velvet shoes with a t-strap pattern that makes an ideal Indian gift! The best part is you can easily find them at the Jutti and Khusa store in Houston, Texas.

3. Jewelry

Indian jewelry has its own distinct individuality, with intricate work on form and shape. Almost every state in this ancient country has its unique jewelry-making style. Because diamonds were only available to the ruling elite in ancient times, Indian jewelry was traditionally composed of gold and silver. Diamonds have made gains in recent years, but if you prefer to wear traditional jewelry, we recommend going with gold or silver work. This can make your perfect Valentine’s gift that you can find at any Indian bridal jewelry store in Houston, Texas.

Aside from the known types, India has a plethora of additional types of tribal jewelry. They are fashioned of locally accessible materials such as wood rather than pricey metals, yet their beauty and appeal remain unchanged.

4. Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina, another distinctive Kashmiri product, is a delicate, hand-spun fiber. It is so rich in nature and has such a delicate texture that it is often referred to as soft gold! The most well-known pashmina product is a kind of shawl that has become synonymous with the region. Pashmina shawls are also an excellent Indian gift.

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