Why Should One Choose Platinum over Other Metals

February 28, 2022

Platinum is associated with everything grand, credit cards, platinum album records that sell beyond a million copies, and also a platinum wedding anniversary celebrating a union of incredible 70 years of marriage.

Platinum has always been in association with fine things in life, and rightly so since it is the rarest of all the unique metals. It is one of the scarcest of elements in the whole world. Platinum is not found and mined in all locations; its access is only in a few areas around the world. Some of them are mainly in South Africa. According to research, per annum production of platinum in 2009 compared to gold was only 7%. This is why platinum jewelry is so highly prized.

What Is Platinum Anyways?

Platinum – a rare scanty metal present in least abundance in the world. In fact, gold is 30 times more readily available as compared to platinum. Let’s dig in a little with the advantages and disadvantages of using platinum jewels.

Advantages Of Platinum

Are you thinking about a platinum wedding band? Here are some pros to make your decision easier.

  • Alloys of platinum are fascinatingly pure and will not undergo corrosion; they would never discolor or tarnish. Its color is naturally white; therefore, there is no issue of fading towards a yellow stain or any other color change over time.
  • The fact that it is naturally white makes it suitable for every kind of gemstone, be it diamond or any other.
  • There is no need for rhodium plating when making jewelry with platinum unlike white gold, to maintain its whiteness which saves time and money.
  • Platinum is an expensive buy but a low-maintenance metal; this makes it a better choice compared to others for the long run.
  • Its purity renders it hypoallergenic, which makes it perfect for sensitive skin people. No need to think about allergies even after wearing it for many years.
  • Durability and metal loss are of prime importance. Platinum has better wear resistance, so does not get thinner with time like regular gold rings.
  • Platinum jewelry will weigh the same for next 50 years as the day of manufacture. This means that your ring can be a generational heirloom.
  • Every metal, even unique and precious ones, scratch, but platinum tends to displace than lose metal. Your platinum jewelry will outlast other precious metal jewelry and hold stones in place more securely.

Disadvantages of Platinum in a Jewelry

  • It is a very dense metal; thus, platinum rings are much heavier compared to gold or silver rings.
  • The extra weight is quite noticeable in wider rings like that given to men’s wedding bands. If you don’t like what it feels to have a ring on your finger all the time, the platinum weight will bother you.
  • Its alloys are somewhat softer than alloys of white gold. If it is chosen for daily wear, an heirloom platinum ring will easily have scratches and may start looking matte rather than a rhodium plated white gold ring.
  • Platinum is a hard metal to work with, which results in increased labor costs to make jewelry, sizing, or other repairs later on.

Final Take Out

It is undeniable that its pros take over cons every day. They are pure, hypoallergenic, and stay alive for a long time rather than other items. However, one catch is above all, and that is its price. If you are interested in investing in a platinum jewel piece, reach out to Pearlings designer collection for the best articles today! For assistance, call 713-591-3353

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