7 Reasons You Would Want A Bridal Clutch On Your Wedding Day

November 15, 2022

As a Pakistani girl, your wedding is the biggest day of your life. The D-day you have been waiting for so long, and there’s nothing you don’t want personalized; from makeup, shoes, and jewelry to even a clutch carried by the bride (you). While you may consider it an extra baggage, we can assure you that a bridal clutch on your wedding day does more good than bad.

Why Should The Bride Carry A Clutch on Her Wedding Day?

You take along your purse, wallet, or handbag daily, right? So, why not this day? A carefully curated, the custom-made bridal clutch is more than a fashion statement. It not only looks exquisite, matched with your beautifully designed clothing, but also helps carry stuff that you might need in an emergency.

7 Bridal Things That You Must Keep In Your Clutch.

You can’t risk it; nobody likes an “oops” situation on the stage when the center of attention and attraction is you. It is better to keep these purse essentials to avoid any situation of this kind.

Similar colored lipstick

Makeup is one of the most crucial things for a bride; it has to be perfect and look flawless the entire day. Imagine if your lipstick gets worn off at the time of the pre-event shoot! How devastating would that be, right?

Do not worry; the bridal clutch is your savior! It is better if you can get your hands on the exact article; however, if not, then keep a similar shade for touchup throughout the day.

Safety Pins

Think about your bright bridal lehenga and heavily embroidered dupatta over your head. Now, can you imagine the number of pins it needs to settle? A lot! The dresses are heavy, and you would not want a wardrobe malfunction on your day.

In an unforeseen situation, this pin can be a lifesaver. Make sure to keep multiple sizes in case of an emergency.

Mints or chewing gums

Your wedding is going to be a long tiring day; you may even have to go without eating or drinking for most it, which may lead to bad breath. Keeping fresh mints or chewing gums will help you, just pop one out from your bridal clutch to combat the smell, so you remain minty fresh throughout.

Compact Powder and mirror

Makeup artists do their best work for you; however, external factors can make it bad. If you are planning to become a summer/spring bride, or if you happen to have oily skin, sneak a mirror with a compact powder to soak it all up, giving you a matt look!

Blotting Paper

We understand that carrying a compact might be an issue, but that does not mean your face has to be oily/sweaty! A blotting paper will rescue you. It is easy to keep and does not take in much space.


Everyone dreads a traditional bidai, full of somber faces, tears, and maybe snot if you go rogue! Tissues are your best friend in that scenario.


With all the wishes and hugging, you are bound to go sweaty. A deo will help you go a long way; however, a travel pack perfume will be a lifesaver. Just one whiff will leave you feeling fresh and fragrant.

Final Words

Think about it, a bride without a clutch on wedding day is incomplete, it is the tie you need to complete the look! Moreover, with the essentials mentioned above, it is more than necessary to carry one. Why don’t you drop by and take a look at our latest clutch collection specially made to make a bride’s big day all the more special; it is right there near Masala munchies on Southwest FWY road. Grab a snack and visit Pearlings Store in Houston TX , today!

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