Where Can You Get Best Punjabi Bridal Chura Set?

October 30, 2022

No Punjabi bride is complete without her fancy bridal chura. For them, a chooda or chura is more than just the looks for their special day. This wedding bangle set has an immense significance which we have discussed below.

What Is A Punjabi Bridal Chura?

It is a set of wedding bangles that are traditionally red or maroon in color with ivory (white) in between spaces. However, with increasing change and advancements, women tend to experiment and stand by their unique choices of matching colors with their dresses.

Roots of Punjabi Bridal Chura

The bridal chooda has its roots back in Punjab that came into light ages ago. Unlike Hindu brides who identify with Sindoor and Mangalsutra, Punjabi brides are usually Sikh and always wear wedding chooda.

However, nowadays, chooda is not limited to Sikh women only; it has become a sensation on its own, a style icon for every bride and the newly wedded.

Importance of Bridal Chura for Punjabi People

One wants all the luck in the world for new life. The chura is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity to the newlywed’s life. The bridal set, according to Punjabi people, is a symbol of fertility and good fortune too.

Moreover, they believe it has the power to strengthen the bond between the couple. These special bridal bangles are donned for at least 40 to 50 days; that is the minimum. At the same time, the maximum time is of one and a half years after the wedding.

What Are Kaliras?

According to Sikh belief, close women of the bride’s family, including sisters and friends, hang Kaliras on the chura. This is like a reminder of her leaving them behind and a sign of good luck to move forward.

The Kaliras are usually made of gold, but sometimes may be silver as well. After the ceremony is over, the bride shakes her set over unmarried girls’ to make a piece fall on their heads. If it does, then she will be married next.

Rasam or Chooda Wearing Ceremony

One thing that you must know is the bride isn’t allowed to wear the chooda on her own. A proper day is designated when the bride’s maternal family, particularly her uncle and aunt, makes her wear it.

According to Hindus, this ceremony is sacred and performed while having Puja or Havan. Firstly, it is cleansed with milk and water infused with rose petals. Then, touched by every relative of the family as a symbol of their blessing before the bride wears it.

Traditions are different with every sect. In some, the bride cannot see her bridal chura before the wedding. She has to close her eyes during the ceremony, and then the set is covered with a white cloth until the wedding.

Can Punjabi brides Take Off Their Chura?

No, like many other rasams, bridal chooda is something she can’t take off herself. Therefore, the relatives set up another ceremony called ‘Chura Wadhana.’ This time it’s the bride’s sister-in-law who removes it from the bride’s wrist.

Final Words

A bridal chooda is more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a whole sentiment and a source of blessings. Get yourself the perfect blend of ethereal and chic chooda sets for your wedding! Head down to Pearlings to see our latest collection.

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