South Indian Bridal Jewelry

June 30, 2022

Any girl’s wedding day is the most important day of her life. Every lady fantasizes about having the ultimate fairy tale wedding, replete with a breathtaking wedding gown, wonderful jewelry, stunning wedding decor, and, of course, the ideal groom-to-be! Indian weddings, particularly, are a boisterous show of pomp and affair.

To simplify the task for you, we’ve created a selection of the most stunning new South Indian bridal jewelry trends for 2022 that you can easily find in an Indian bridal jewelry store in Houston, Texas.

Diamond Jewelry Set

Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend. We will not argue! Diamond jewelry, with its glimmering splendor and glitter, will always look stunning on your wedding day. It goes with almost every outfit! No one can argue that the bride’s gleaming white jewelry adorned with rare stones such as emerald and ruby does not do her honor.

Diamonds may also be worn later in life, on anniversaries, birthdays, your best friend’s sangeet, you name it! They are unquestionably worthwhile investments.

Temple Jewelry Set

Temple jewelry designs appear both exotic and traditional! These massive nakshi work chains are so elaborately handcrafted that no two motifs are the same. As a result, each design is completely unique!

The designs of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are the most popular among nakshi jewelry pendants. Precious stones, diamonds, polki work, gold beads, or pearls embellish them. Are you prepared to wow on your wedding day with these heavenly temple jewelry sets?

Antique Gold Jewelry

For its ethnic style, antique gold jewelry has been a favorite of brides for decades! Gold never fails to give the much-needed charm and delicacy a bride needs on her wedding day.

Layering elaborate gold pieces in 22-karat yellow gold with gold orb or gold bead necklaces, meenakari work, Kundan haars, and other embellishments are a common choice among south Indian brides. We believe that gold jewelry sets are both ageless and elegant!

Polki Diamond Jewelry

Polki diamond jewelry is all the trend in 2022, hailing from the majestic Mughal era and particularly meant to make you feel like a queen. Each Polki unit emanates an old-world beauty due to its use of natural unpolished diamonds set in a concave unit of 22-carat yellow gold. Open Polki and Hyderabadi Polki, set in silver rather than gold, are also popular among modern brides. The luster and sparkle of Polki diamond jewelry are enough to steal anyone’s breath away!


For the bride, selecting her wedding lehenga or saree and bridal jewelry is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion in which she cannot fail! Her jewelry is a vital part of her bridal outfit. South Indian Bridal Jewelry, when picked wisely, enhances the bride’s attractiveness and makes her seem even more charming on her special day.

These days, all brides-to-be are looking for the latest fashion styles that would make them stand out from the crowd. Nobody wants to wear the same outdated patterns from the past!

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