Can We Stop Jewelry From Tarnishing?

June 30, 2022

Keeping your jewelry in order is one of the most important aspects of owning one. You must know how to keep it from tarnishing and increase its longevity. Here are some tips for keeping the jewelry as good as new.

1. Keep your jewelry away from wood

It is best that you not leave your jewelry on the chemical treated surface or on wood that may stain or accentuate the tarnishing process.

2. Store them In A Ziplock Bag

With time, your jewelry comes in contact with moisture and air, which causes it to tarnish eventually. Store it in a ziplock bag and make sure to squeeze out every ounce of air before sealing.

3. Storing Silver with Chalk

Chalk has an enhanced ability to absorb moisture. However, if you don’t find it appropriate and figure that it is dusty, invest in a proper dehumidifier or silica packs for absorption.

4. No skincare near the jewelry

Applying lotions, scents, or even hair spray is not advisable after you wear the jewels. Moreover, do not ever wear silver jewelry while going for a swim or at the sauna.

5. Do not leave your jewelry in the Sunlight

The sunlight always changes the color of your gemstones; they go dull when exposed to too much light.

6. Give Your Jewel A Break

Jewelry isn’t meant to be donned all the time. It is best to let it rest, give your piece a break and wear it on rotation.

7. Keep Gold and Silver Separately From one Another

Gold has the property of easy scratching, which is its drawback. So place them in individual soft cloth pouches or bags.

8. Wipe It off

It would help if you made it a habit to wipe your jewelry with an anti-tarnish cloth right before storing it away. This step ensures that no lingering moisture, oils, or dust stays behind.

9. Do Not Go For Toothpaste Hack

The infamous toothpaste hack is extremely abrasive and will damage the jewelry in the longer run.

10. Use dish wash soap with warm water

Another better and less abrasive hack for your dull, filmy, or discolored; mix some drops of mild dish soap along with warm water and gently rub your jewelry with a soft cloth. Then rinse it in cold water and buff it with a cloth until dry.

11. No-soak treatment For Your Piece

If you have pearls or other porous stones, use a small-sized makeup brush, dip it in the shampoo and rinse with water to clean. Use a cloth to wipe the pearl.

12. Nail Polish

For faux jewelry, try putting a thin film of clear nail paint on any part of your jewelry that comes into contact with the skin.


Taking adequate care increases the piece’s longevity and will look as good as new every time you wear it. Give a look at the stunning collection we have at Pearlings Designer Collection.

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