Untangle Your Necklace with Ease

July 15, 2022

Owning and maintaining a jewelry piece is not that easy especially when you have necklace pieces. Their knots are sometimes too difficult to open and may leave you in fits. If you are in search of solutions to this problem, this blog is meant for you. Here is how you can easily untangle a necklace yourself at home.

Lubricating Agent Is Your Best friend

The first and foremost option that comes to mind is actually putting oil in to slather it out. You can dip the necklace in oil to untangle it.

Place it on a sturdy flat surface, such as a table, for stability while working through the tangles. Moreover, it will also prevent the chain from further tangles during the process. Undo the necklace’s clasp and straighten out the chains intertwined with one another.

Power of Powder

You can easily untangle your necklace chain with baby powder. The phenomenon behind it is lessening the friction between the metal entangled together. The choice of using baby powder for this is because the formulation is in a way that the particles wash off easily.

There is no much rocket science involved, just sprinkle the powder on the knot, get a pin and start loosening the chain to untangle your necklace. After the strands separate off, wash the piece in soapy water and pat dry it.

Screw It

Screw drivers have made untangling a necklace with loose chains pretty easy. Find a surface that can be scratched and would not matter if it does. Put the screw driver’s mouth in the tangle and break the chains apart without actually breaking them.

Windex to Untangle Your Necklace

Lubricate your knot with Windex on the knots and slide the strands apart. You can put your necklace on a vibrating machine to accentuate the process. The initial shake will loosen the grip, and later, you can spread them apart.

Dish wash Soap

It is another sort of lubricating agent. Soapy water works well to detangle the strands, and it is easy to wash off as well.

Get Professionals To Work On It

If nothing is working out for you, there are always professionals to help you get the job done.

Final Take out

You can choose any method according to your feasibility; however, make sure that you clean the piece after detangling it. Why don’t you look at the collection Pearlings has to offer? Our wide variety of pieces will leave you stunned.

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