Want to Know How to Clean Your Earrings in 5 Effortless Ways?

August 30, 2022

Earrings add a bit of pizzazz to whatever you wear. Plus, they are available in many sizes and colors, so you can always find something that goes well with your outfit. But earrings tend to get dirty when exposed to hair spray, greasy or dirty fingers, creams, and other products. Slowly, they can collect gunk and lose their bling. The silver lining is: you can get rid of the gunk, tarnish, and dullness. In this blog, we’ll tell you how to clean earrings.

How to Clean Your Earrings at Home?

Not only do dirty earrings lose their wow factor, but they also pose a risk for potential infection. But you can say adios to your dirty earrings by trying one of these methods:

1. Wipe Them Using a Microfiber Cloth

For tiny smudges and fingerprints, you can use a microfiber cloth. It will leave your earrings squeaky clean, removing any product residue without damaging them. Furthermore, unlike towels, microfiber cloth will not get caught in your earring. Hence, you’ll not have to be bothered by the frustrating fibers in your jewelry. On top of that, it doesn’t scratch the ornament, either.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent way to sanitize and disinfect your earrings. You can use peroxide to scrub your jewelry and get its shine back. Take a cotton pad and dab some hydrogen peroxide on it. Then, clean your earrings with the pad gently. Or you can go for a thorough clean by following these steps:

  • Fill a small container with hydrogen peroxide
  • Carefully drop your earring into the container
  • After a few minutes, remove the earrings from the container
  • Put the earrings in a cup of hot water
  • Wait a minute or so before taking them out
  • Clean the leftover grime with a cotton swab

3. Silver Wipe

Silver adds elegance to your style, enhancing your charm. But oxygen and water might taint the look of your sterling silver. No need to worry, though, since you can clean it with silver wipes on your jewelry. They will return the lustrous shine of your earrings without damaging them.

4. Hot Water

A simple and easy technique to clean your earrings is to put them in hot water. Start by boiling water and pour it into a mug. Next, place your earrings in hot water for around 20 minutes. Carefully take them out and start scrubbing them gently with a clean toothbrush. Although this method doesn’t work as well as a cleaning solution, it can still help spruce up your earrings.

5. Toothpick

Your earrings might have intricate designs where dirt can collect. To clean them thoroughly, you can rely on a toothpick. Slowly and carefully remove the grime from the tight spots to unveil the shiny ornament underneath. In addition, you can soften the tip by wrapping the toothpick in a tissue or cloth. However, it will not work as effectively.

Want New Earrings?

We have given you five tips on how to clean your earrings. But if your earrings are too old or you’re looking for some new jewelry, Pearlings has the best collection for you. Dial (713) 591-3353 to contact us today.

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