6 Types of Ear Piercings You Should Consider

September 15, 2022

Looking forward to getting an ear piercing? Jewelry allows us to express ourselves by reflecting our style, especially earrings. Earrings will enable you to accessorize differently at every event. While some like big hoops, others are a fan of small studs. Plus, you can get many different ear piercings, apart from the common lobe one. Choosing the ear-piercing spot can be difficult, and many are unfamiliar with them. But don’t you worry! We will list different types of ear piercings in this blog.

Types of Ear Piercings

There are many areas of the ear you can get pierced. From the lobe to the tragus, getting any ear piercing can make you look chic. And with countless accessory options in every color, shape, and size, you will not regret this decision. There are multiple types of ear piercings you can go for, and some of them include:

Standard Lobe Piercing

This is the first piercing an individual gets. With no cartilage on the ear lobe, it is possibly the least painful ear piercing you get. Moreover, standard lobe piercings heal considerably quickly as well. You can style up with different types of earrings if you have this piercing!

Upper Lobe Piercing

An upper lobe piercing is simple yet stylish. You are not going over the edge but adding an elegant touch to accessorize yourself and compliment your first piercing. They also don’t hurt much, taking approximately six to ten weeks to heal. Upper lobe piercing embellishes the first piercing, and you can even get a third one to adorn your ear further.

Helix Piercing

If you want to get the upper side of your outer ear pierced, the word you’re looking for is helix or cartilage piercing. You can get two to three helix placements in the upper ear area. They hurt comparatively more than the lobe piercings but less than the non-lobe ones. In addition, they might take three to six months to heal.

Forward Helix Piercing

You can get a forward helix piercing on the outer cartilage area, right above the tragus. You can even go all out by getting double or triple holes in this region. The pain it brings will be moderate to high, depending on your pain tolerance. But the pain will probably be over in three to nine months. You can get yourself some cute jewelry, like cubic zirconia studs, to put on in your new piercing hole.

Flat Piercing

On the inner cartilage of your ear’s top, between the helix and rook placement, you can get a flat piercing. Taking the same time as the other cartilage piercings to heal with similar pain ratings, flat piercing can add an edgy look to your ear.

Daith Piercing

You can get the daith piercing on the small cartilage flap found in your inner ear, located above your ear canal. You’ll need a skilled piercer for these piercings that are said to help people who suffer from migraines, although more studies are needed to confirm this. However, daith are among the types of piercings that are slightly high on the pain scale. You might feel a dull, not sharp, painful sensation when getting these.

They’ll take three to nine months to heal, but they look cool. So if you’re considering these, we’ll say: why not?

What Should I Do?

Although there are many types of earrings, you can easily decide which one you want. And if not, get them all and have an ear party! And while you’re at it, buy some elegant jewelry from Pearlings Designer Collection to rock those piercings. Dial (713) 591-3353 to contact us today!

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